About us

Founded in 2020 Sew the Reel is run by Rachel, currently as an online-only shop.

I grew up with a healthy dislike for sewing, in fact I had to call on others to shorten trousers and fix buttons on a regular basis! That all changed after going on a learn to use a sewing machine class that my mum bought for me.

I've not looked back since then. I don't consider myself to be a particularly gifted creative sewer but I really enjoy creating something from very little and knowing all those little mistakes are mine! 

As a plus size person it's also opened new avenues to me when it comes to having really well fitting clothes that I love. 

I decided to open a little fabric shop as there were some fabrics and patterns I was struggling to find in the UK and this seemed the easiest (though perhaps not, on reflection...) way to make sure they were available.

If you've any questions, suggestions or just want to chat about fabrics and patterns please email me or reach out on one of my social media accounts. I love to chat to fellow sewists in my own introverted way.